How much does a mascot cost?

Admission for a mascot is 500 EXCLUDING VAT. This one-off price includes sketches, graphic design and export for print and web. The mascot is a communication standard.

A simple mascot modern graphics, a single dynamic pose.
This category includes mascots for your storefront, website presentation or logo integration.
The entry price for a simple motion design is 500 EXCLUDING VAT.

A complex mascot often includes 3D modeling with a single dynamic pose.
This category includes 3D animal mascots.
The price of admission for complex motion design is 1000 EXCLUDING VAT.

A premium mascot is a 3D avatar with complex animations. These mascots require advanced graphic research, modeling and animation techniques.
The price of a premium mascot generally ranges from 3K and 10K.

A discount can be applied if several mascot poses are ordered at the same time.

2D 3D fox mascot
Example of a cute mascot by Fresh Organic Motion.

How to get a mascot at the best price?

To get the best price on a mascot, order one with as few options as possible. For example, a static mascot with a single pose. In fact, to have a good brand image and be identifiable, a simple identifiable mascot may suffice. The most important thing when creating a mascot is to be creative enough to convey your values.

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