How do I choose a logo?

You've come up with a good name for your brand, now it's time to choose a logo. These days, there are many ways to create a logo, thanks to professional and non-professional software, generative artificial intelligence and image banks. However, it's normal to be confused by so many choices. That's why it's important to rationalize your logo options. For direct advice on choosing your logo, consult a design professional. (contact form at bottom of page).

What is a logo? 

Before going any further, let's define what a logo is these days and what it's used for. A logo literally represents the company's name, either in full or as an acronym. Often, a symbol called a pictogram or picto completes the logo. The latter is not obligatory, but it can complement the name. The picto can substitute the name (like Nike's swoosh) if your company is world-famous. The usefulness of the logo lies in its universal identification. This apt description covers most logos and gives you a certain amount of freedom. We'll go into more detail later in this article.

How can I get logo ideas? 

The first thing to do is examine your competitors' logos to find out which universe you fit into. This is called benchmarking: analyze the market to find out where you fit in. If you want to offer a high-end solution compared to the competition, then use the codes of luxury. On the other hand, if you want to offer a sustainable price break, take your inspiration from discount logos. Beauty, when it comes to a logo, means nothing. Forget this notion and aim for the "right" logo. The right logo is the one that sets you apart.
To create a good logo, think about telling a story and creating your universe. If you're a fast-food restaurant in the style of a 50s American diner. You'll use a typical font, colors and design reminiscent of that era of plenty. The logo is not an end in itself, but the beginning of your brand, something that will stand the test of time. The logo can be renewed if it no longer corresponds to your company's new values. This is called a graphic "redesign".

typographic logo

What logo styles are there? 

There are many graphic styles and trends in logo design. These graphic trends are not compulsory to follow. If you'd like to keep up to date with the latest trends, sign up for our newsletter. It's 100% informative and guaranteed spam-free!

What is logo design?

All logos are "design", but some call on a design referential. They use geometric shapes or graphic effects such as repetition, mirroring or rotation.

What is a writing logo?

He uses an imitation of calligraphic writing, but more calibrated.

 What is a sign logo?

It uses a shape reminiscent of store signs, often placed in a circle for great visual appeal.

Choosing your neon logo
Examples of Neon logos.

 What is a stylized logo?

He uses elements like glitch, rips and intentional erasures to immerse us in a world. Only it may not be easy to read.

What is a logo with a mascot?

It uses a mascot to enrich its communication. The mascot transcends the logo, as it can be used on your company's website or brochures.

Choosing a logo with a 3D mascot
Logo with mascot created by our studio, Fresh Organic Motion

What are the steps involved in creating a logo?

The steps in the logo design process are as follows:

1 . Ideation :

Put your ideas on paper.

2 - Qualify and classify ideas :

Set priorities.

3 - Create sketches or montages to choose your logo :

Express several avenues of research.

4 - Logo creation using professional software :

The logo takes shape. There are several avenues to explore.

5 - Select the best proposal :

Finally, this is the most delicate stage, as it marks the final decision on the logo's finish.

How do I choose the right logo?

There are very few bad logos, but plenty of bad communications. The legibility of your name is essential. There should be no doubt about the word. Test it around you, but don't take every remark at face value. When you use the logo, make sure it breathes and fits in properly. Finally, for bad logos, it's often fun to remember that they can be interpreted in different ways.

What Pro software can I use to create a logo? 

Professional logo design software includes Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Firefly and Blender for PC or Mac.

Procreate :

Mainly used on iPad, Procreate is a powerful art creation application that lets you draw, paint and design digital illustrations with great precision. It offers a wide range of brushes, effects and features for creating logos with great flexibility.

Adobe Illustrator :

It's a vector design software used by many professionals to create logos, illustrations and vector graphics. Illustrator offers great precision and flexibility in the creation of shapes, lines, curves and text, making it a popular choice for professional logo design.

Adobe Firefly :

Adobe Firefly is an artificial intelligence and machine learning platform developed by Adobe to integrate AI functionalities into its products and services.

Which generative AI to choose for logo design? 

Don't use the result of an AI like Midjourney for your logo, as the result is often close to what's available on image banks. What's more, it's complicated to edit an image created with an AI. But you can search for ideas by typing in keywords related to your company.

What non-pro logo design software works anyway? 

Canva is the best-known logo design website, allowing you to create a logo in a simplified way. The process is straightforward: you choose a template you like and then modify it. You can change the font and colors, as well as the pictograms. There's also free software like Gimp.

How do image rights work for logos?

You need to make sure you use an image with a license that allows commercial exploitation, whether paid or unpaid. You shouldn't simply download a random image from the web and incorporate it into your logo. Always make sure you respect copyright and obtain the necessary authorizations before using any image in your logo.

How do you choose a good logo?

In this article we've looked at what a logo is, how to create one, and logo styles. But how do you choose a logo? 
If you've followed the advice in this article, you already have a clearer idea of what you're looking for in a logo. However, choosing the perfect logo often involves a certain amount of observation and subjectivity. That's where your own judgment and intuition come in. After analyzing the options and recommendations, listen to your instincts and opt for the logo that best resonates with you and the image you wish to project for your company. Ultimately, it's your vision and understanding of your business that will guide the final choice.

Why choose a professional to design your logo? 

A designer has the necessary distance to infuse your logo with your values and image. What's more, a graphic designer or art director has the necessary knowledge. Indeed, logo design is highly codified; colors, shapes and alignments have meanings. What's more, achieving a visually balanced logo requires more than just skill. So use this contact form and treat yourself to the advice of professional designers:

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