What are Art toys?

An Art toy is a stylized, graphic figurine created by a designer. It's an art form based on consumerism and Pop culture codes. Art Toys brands and designers collaborate to create collections that are sold as works of art, a hybrid product between artistic expression and marketing.

What are the Art Toys influences?

Art toy inspirations are American cartoons and comic books. And, more generally, anything to do with American culture, such as films from the 80s and 90s, and Pop art. Japanese culture is also given pride of place, with licenses such as Mario, Pokémon, Studio Ghibli, Goldorak and many others. In this way, the cult of the Japanese object meets American consumerism. Despite these influences, the designers themselves hail from the four corners of the globe and share common inspirations.

An example of the Art Toys world.

Why is Art Toy inspired by major licenses?

Displaying motifs evoking major licenses on Art Toys enables consumers to pass on their affections for a license to this new product. So, for a Pop designer, having a license authorization promises guaranteed success.

Are Funko Pop the final form of Art Toys?

Funko Pop are "bubble head" figurines, measuring around 10 centimetres. Despite their crude design and paintwork, Funko Pop figures have made their way onto the shelves of gamers and other "Otakus". Funko owes the success of its Pops to commercial agreements with almost all well-known licenses. From Spiderman to Harry Potter, they've got it all. If we think of Funko Pop as a gateway to the world of Art Toy. Then we have to say that the Funko brand has democratized the Art Toy to a whole new generation.

Art Toys, Lego-style teddy bear with Pop Art motif.

What are art toys for?

Art toys allow you to display your taste in your home or store, for example. People are flattered to recognize nods to their favorite references. In addition to displaying their tastes, some people are passionate about discovering and collecting Art Toy figurines. Like an art lover who buys canvases, here the collector has a variety of models to choose from. Finally, these resin figurines make wonderful gifts for Pop culture-loving friends.

3D mascot several poses
Art Toys character of a fox created by Fresh Organic Motion in 3D.

Who makes Art Toys?

Art Toys are created by designers, often as part of collaborations with brands or licenses for successful films or video games. Designers often produce limited-edition collections, with a more artisanal process. Indeed, some consider these figurines to be an art form in their own right. Some designers paint and adapt their work into Art Toys, as in the case of artist Takashi Murakami, world-famous for his hallucinatory flowers with faces. Other specialists, such as Funko Pop and Kidrobot, focus primarily on marketing. These companies stand out for their ability to mass-produce and sell their Art Toys in large-scale retail outlets.

How do I order my Art Toys Pro?

Do you have a physical store to decorate? Ask for a customized Art Toys. Discover the Temples of Fresh Organic Motion. On request, we can print your design figurine in 3D. Send us a message on our contact form in "Your free quote" and tell us what you want. We'll get back to you within a week.

Art Toys character created by Fresh Organic Motion in 3D.

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