How do you display and sell your NFTs on Metavers?

Do you have NFTs and want to display them in a Metavers to sell them? Discover these Metavers that act as virtual art galleries.

Fresh Organic Motion's virtual gallery.

What are Metavers?

A metaverse is a virtual place accessible via a web browser, modeled in 3D and featuring blockchain technology for displaying non-fungible tokens: NFTs. If you didn't understand the last sentence, we invite you to read these articles:

How do interactions work in today's metaverse? 

The metaverse connects people in virtual rooms. These are virtual places where people can meet through avatars. Written chat is encouraged to avoid cacophony, but voice exchanges are permitted.

In which Metaverse can NFT art be exhibited?

Marc Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, is currently creating a universal Metavers, but while you're waiting for this Metavers to see the light of day, there are a few solutions available to you:


What is Cryptovoxel?

There are several Metavers that act as virtual art galleries, such as Cryptovoxel. A voxel is a kind of 3D pixelation. In the case of Cyptovoxel, you move a puppet in first-person view, moving from gallery to gallery. The style is rather confusing, even repulsive, and doesn't necessarily enhance your work. So, choose according to your artistic direction.


What is Spartial.io?

Metavers such as Spatial.io, on the other hand, are already more attractive and graphically advanced. Users are invited to create their own avatars. You rub shoulders with other avatars (controlled by real humans), as in the online game Minecraft. What's new here is the ability to display your camera as a bubble above your avatar, and activate your microphone. Interaction then begins when two users are close to each other. Works of art are a pretext for exchange, a bit like video games that encourage gamers to collaborate to succeed in a quest. The big constraint in Spartial.io is that users have to create an account to access the content.


What's decentraland?

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world (using blockchain technology) where you can buy "virtual land". You're free to create whatever you want on that land, as well as organize concerts and exhibitions. For the older among you, it's a bit like SecondLife in the way it interacts. In your space, you're free to apply the laws and rules you want. Companies like Colleconline buy land as it is and sublet it. For around a hundred euros, you can rent a plot of land from CollectOnline and display a dozen NFT works. You benefit from the Decentraland and CollectOnline communities. The advantage of this Metaverse is that you can come as a guest - although interaction is limited, you can walk around the space and enjoy the works.

Fresh Organic Motion: virtual gallery creation

Or is it easier to expose your NFTs?

If you're interested in interaction, then you should use a service like Spartial or Décentraland, but if you simply want a space that reflects your image, then you should create your own beautiful virtual art gallery directly on your website. If you're an artist or art gallery with a visited website, this is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. We've created a gallery to showcase our work. We designed and modeled this virtual gallery ourselves. Now, get your art gallery created and sell your NFT.

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