How do I find a company name?

Finding a company name can be a real headache. It's hard to know which name will be most effective for your business. And yet, your company name is the cornerstone of your communication. Fortunately, there are effective methods for finding a really cool name.

A guide to naming your business

Your name is the starting point of your entrepreneurial adventure. A good name is your story, it puts a smile on your face and is optimistic for the future. A good name is subjective, but there are ways to streamline the decision-making process when choosing a name for your company or brand.

What's a good company name?

A good company name is one that will be remembered. And yes, it's that simple.
Here are a few examples of effective company names:

  • Apple The name is short, simple and easy to remember. It also evokes images of freshness and newness.
  • Nike This name is inspired by the Greek goddess of victory. It's strong and memorable.
  • Google The name is a pun on the words "googol" and "googolplex", which refer to very large numbers. It's original and memorable.

The names "Nike" and "Apple" are often cited as examples of effective company names. These names are short, memorable and evoke positive images. However, it's important to note that these names are also associated with successful, well-established companies.

5 tips for finding a good company name :

Here's a selection of tips to help you find a business name.

A short name

Use stereotypes to create a pictorial name.

A name that's easy to pronounce

No more than 3 of the letters "k", "r", "x" in your name.

A English name

If you've chosen a French-sounding name, only 1% of English people understand French.

A name for your business

If you have a hair salon, insert the word "tif".

A new name

Compress two words to create a new one. For example, "Vet'Ver" if you're a winter clothing store.

Why do business name tips suck?

Our studio is called "Fresh Organic Motion", so this name doesn't respect any of the advice given earlier in this article. Yet this is no mistake. In fact, it's extremely difficult to pronounce, especially over the phone, so we have to spell it out letter by letter. However, each time the name is pronounced, I can take a moment to explain it to my customers, thus creating a bond. "Fresh" but in English "F-r-e-sh", "Organic" but with a "C" at the end and "ugly" as a movement, but in English "M-o-t-i-o-n". Yes, it's not easy!

What's the best business name generator?

There are dozens of business name generators on Google. If you want a name quickly and unemotionally, type your request into the first generator on your search engine, then take note of the first name suggested. Otherwise, you'll be wasting your time generating lists of brand names. The truth is, we don't recommend this method, as the result will seem meaningless and unmemorable.

How can I use ChatGPT to find my company's name?

ChatGPT is able to understand your request and provide you with satisfactory results. Nevertheless, it will never give you a definitive answer on your choice. Here's a "prompt" you can use, so a name search request to ChatGPT:
"create the name of an insurance brokerage company, this company provides innovative solutions and listens to its customers."
Here are the ChatGPT proposals:

  1. InnovAssure Conseil
  2. AssurSmart Solutions
  3. AssuraVision Innovante
  4. CourtAssure Listened
  5. AssurInno Conseils
  6. ListeningProtections
  7. InnovAssur Group
  8. Insurance at a Glance
  9. InnovAssist Insurance
  10. ÉcouteSure Solutions
  11. Innov'Écoute insurance
  12. AssurLuxe Innovations
  13. ÉcoutAssurance Innovante
  14. ÉcouteGuard Solutions
  15. InnovAssurance Directe
  16. ClientFirst Assure
  17. InnovateAssure Services
  18. ListenRisk Innovator
  19. AssurFuture Solutions
  20. InnovAssure Partners

ChatGPT responses are currently extremely generic, as they don't take your company's history into account.

How can I use Bard, Google's AI, to find the name of my company?

Our studio questioned Bard, Google's conversational artificial intelligence.

Here's his answer:
"The company name is important because it's the first impression customers get of your business. It must be short, memorable and reflect your business. "

While Bard IA's story is interesting, it's not much help in finding your name. Indeed, choosing a name is above all making a clear-cut choice, based on the predominant quality of your company.

How do I register a company name?

Before registering a company name, check that it has not already been registered. To do this, visit the INPI website for France. Here's the link:

How do you find a name for your company that's available on the web?

Have you found a company name? Go to the OVH website to see if the domain name is available. Then, if it is, we advise you to buy the ".com" and the ".fr". This way, you won't risk having your name usurped, since anyone can buy a domain name without having registered it.

Find your company name in just 1 hour

Is your project at a standstill because you can't decide on a name for your company or brand?

If you're short of inspiration, our studio offers one hour of coaching to help you find the perfect name for your company.

In this session, we will help you to :

  • Define your objectives and target
  • Keyword research
  • Draw up a list of potential names
  • Check name availability

Our studio will also advise you on how to choose a name that is memorable, relevant and catchy.

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