Branding creation

Creating a visual identity allows a communication campaign to be recognizable on each support where it is diffused. Defining a beautiful artistic direction is a way to mark the spirits and to register durably.

Visual identity creation - Poster
Megascene 2022 festival poster - © Fresh Organic Motion

The traditional sign

The poster is a timeless communication medium.
Despite the advent of digital visuals, it remains essential for certain communication projectsespecially in the event industry.

how is a visual identity creation on Instagram?

Integrating a visual identity on the networks is a major issue in a communication campaign. Indeed, the digital world is an unavoidable place of diffusion. Adapting an art direction to digital media requires professional know-how.

Visual identity creation - Instagram
Megascene 2022 Festival Instagram account - © Fresh Organic Motion

Megascene Festival 2022 line up - © Fresh Organic Motion 

why use motion graphics with branding?

Your visual identity in a motion design video?
It is possible! Besides, it's our specialty.

How to communicate on all media with your branding?

Creating a visual identity is one thing, adapting it to a multitude of media is another!
Whatever the objectives of your communication campaign, Fresh Organic Motion accompanies you in the realization of your various visuals.

Visual identity creation -Flyer
Flyer and map of the Megascene 2022 festival - © Fresh Organic Motion
Corporate identity - Cards
Megascene 2022 cashless card - © Fresh Organic Motion

why have a visual Identity Creation on original supports?

Some communication materials are uncommon.
However, it is important to take the same care in order to maintain a professional look and a strong identity. It doesn't matter how original the medium is, we adapt your visuals so that the rendering is at the height of your entire communication project.

Why is logo design important?

The logotype is the fundamental element of a visual identity.
It represents the brand image and is an essential graphic creation.

Some examples of our logo designs.


We are at your service

You want a new visual identity? You need to adapt an existing graphic design on several media? We are here to answer your requests. A first video/meeting is offered to you in order to plan the real needs of your communication project. We look forward to working with you!

We trust each other