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Every year, trends in typography and graphic design are reinvented, and brands' visual identities need to be in tune with them to keep up with the times. In 2021, we've seen a number of trends emerge, and we're going to tell you about them today...

When typographic trends give birth to visuals

Let's talk typography: between 3D, the timeless serif typeface, vintage typography, two-color process... it's hard to know where to turn (and rightly so!). The most important thing is not necessarily the style or typeface, but the technique that will bring even greater visibility to your visual! Here are a few examples...

Trendy typographic illustrations
Illustrations by Graphiste.com

Left illustration Serifs have been used since the 15th century.e They're nothing new in the 20th century. Yet their omnipresence leads us to consider them a real trend: Serif typefaces are timeless! These fonts are both elegant and retro, and fit in perfectly with simple, delicate designs. Communicate with finesse, they're far from ancient history!

Middle and right illustration In contrast to the first illustration, there's a complete lack of alignment between the text and the letters. Less practical to read, but that's the originality of a visual if typography is used to good effect! It can also be unpredictable, underlining the audacity and madness of certain graphic designs. These fonts free themselves from the constraints of page layout, allowing for liberated creations imbued with a strong personality. Dare to break free from the rules!

Speaking of technique, typography isn't set in stone: it can move, animate and captivate! With motion design, words and characters come to life, making your message more powerful. Typography then becomes a genuine graphic creation that enhances your brand image. 

By playing around with the different font styles in our studio, as well as our colors, we managed to come up with a delightful animated creation!

In conclusion, typography is an important means of conveying a message through a visual, and there is a wide choice of styles and techniques. 

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