A powerful and fun signature: why use the animated logo?

An animated logo is alive and adds an original signature to your company. Indeed, the animation of a logo is useful when you communicate on digital media with visuals. Thus, this animation can conclude your communication in the most beautiful way and offers you a professional and credible image. Your audience will then have more chance to remember you because your animated logo will captivate them.

End screen of the motion graphics of Up Concept

What are the features of an animated logo?

You can use your animated logo anywhere you want, at the end of a video or on a website for example. Also, it can be part of a publication on social networks.
It is a versatile and original signature. Depending on the medium on which you wish to communicate, you will have the possibility to choose between your original logo or the animated version. It's always nice to have a choice!

Extract of a motion creation

why have an animation for my logo?

All logos can be animated, regardless of their style. In addition, the animation adapts to the logotype to highlight it. The creative possibilities are numerous when it comes to presenting an animated logo. Indeed, graphic elements can be added to enhance the animation. Finally, your field of activity and your identity can also be a source of inspiration so that your animated logo represents perfectly the themes and the values of your company.

Your logo animated in 2D or 3D motion graphics

We animate your company logo in the style you want. Also, depending on the visual appearance of your logo, we advise you on the style to adopt. You will then have a final result that matches your image without distorting the original creation of the logo. The 2D animation is perfect for simple logos with few details for an aesthetic and graphic rendering.
On the other hand, the 3D animation is effective on a more complex logo for an impressive rendering.


Animated version of the Trinker application logo

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