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Creating your album cover

Your visuals are just as important as your music. The competition on streaming sites is fierce. Set yourself apart by proposing your universe right from your album cover.
We help artists develop their universe, working with them to design the cover art for their single, EP or even album. 

Why have a cover for your music?

Music is consumed with the ears, but also with the eyes. The visual is the continuity of your universe in the world of images.

It's also proof of your existence: why do so many artists depict themselves on their covers? Because it's the first link between the artist and the public. Being able to see the performer's face is the first step towards recognition. You can also become iconic by wearing a robot mask, like Daft Punk. Even then, the cover is very important.

Examples of styles for your music.

Mixtape UK RAP

EP Pop Electo

Single Emo Rap

Electro Album

Single Pop

single sleeve

Single Afro beat

Rock album

How do you choose the right style of cover for a music project?

Choosing a style doesn't necessarily mean fitting into a box. On the contrary, use codes to talk about yourself and your music. Depending on the mood of your project, you can propose a different atmosphere from the previous EP. We create covers and you choose what you like best.

Fresh Organic Motion creative studio

We are two designers, involved in both art direction and creation. This dual role allows us to offer you a truly personalized pouch design.
We listen to your music and discuss it with you and your team. Then we draw, color and model the elements of your sleeve. You'll receive a sleeve in a format suitable for streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Youtube etc.


Illustration, art direction


visual identity, graphic design

Design your album cover: Contact us!

An initial appointment is held to determine your needs, that is why it is offered to you. 

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