how to get a cartoon to talk about your company?

An animated cartoon is a great way to advertise, with staging and visual animation. It's an excellent medium for communicating in an original and captivating way. Indeed, cartoons create a strong bond between the brand and consumers, who recognize themselves in identifiable characters. Our cartoon company takes care of all the technical and creative aspects!

What are the qualities and advantages of a cartoon?

Cartoons offer unrivalled appeal. Inspired by cinema and TV series, the shots have their own language. With graphic animation and staging, we explore themes as diverse as they are varied. There's no need for complex means like real sets, lights or cameras.

The characters are often at the center of the story, conveying many emotions and feelings.

Imagination is the key to creating a cartoon and its world. The freedom offered by motion design opens up infinite creative possibilities. 

Character design - Cartoon company

Character animation

At Fresh Organic Motion, we animate our own characters. We bring them to life through drawing and then movement!

That's why a cartoon ad comes alive: characters move, talk and interact with each other to showcase your product, service or company!

Behind the scenes of a cartoon company

An animated cartoon is a film staged using motion design. 3 essential elements.


The first element literally sets the scene. And yes, you have to set the scene in a very specific place according toThe theme of the cartoon. The example below shows a set created for a social application for good deals in the restaurant business. So we imagined and created a fictitious bar!

Then we fill in the scenery with the second element: the characters. As mentioned above, they are the heart of the cartoon because they incarnate target customers and convey a whole host of emotions through their design and gestures.

Finally, the third element is to have the characters speak with studio-recorded voice-overs. Professional actors lend their voices to the characters.

We put these 3 elements together to create a really cool, eye-catching result!

Illustrative bar decor - Cartoon company

A cartoon company at your service

Here's a case study illustrating the benefits of animated communication. We were approached by a company developing a food and beverage app to tease the release of its app and present its main offerings. Its main concern was to ensure that future users understood the purpose and functionalities of the application in question.

So we created a cartoon to showcase the TRINKER application and its various uses. By creating unique characters, we were able to bring future users to life, so that they could see themselves in these everyday scenes.

The key to a successful networking campaign

All communications experts agree: regularity is the key to success on the networks. Posting every week or every day keeps your audience on their toes. Once you know this principle, it's time to propose content worthy of interest. 

We advised the Trinker app to boost its content on social networks by offering variations of its cartoon in "story" format to keep the brand talking! These variations can also be adapted to a "Square" format as required.



Your cartoon

We trust each other



The price of a customized motion picture such as a cartoon will depend on the length, but not only. There are several factors to take into account, such as the number of voice-over actors. You may also have a specific request, such as a sound recording. That's why you need to ask us for a personalized quote.

Two factors will be decisive: the complexity of your project and our current projects. Having a studio close to you that does good work means having a small team. Our aim is not to produce volume, but quality. Normally, a cartoon takes over a month to create. But as we said earlier, this time can vary, so we advise you to plan as far in advance as possible. We do not accept projects that are too tightly timed.

All we need is a video to determine with you what will make up your cartoon advertisement. We create all the illustrations, but you can provide us with certain elements, such as your logo or photos.

In the case of a more informative video or storytelling, we recommend evaluating the information to be included. Depending on the size of the text, we can determine an approximate length.