Your Instagram stories: communicate
in real time

Today, Instagram users consult stories as much as the Instagram app's news feed. The feeling of immediacy that stories provide is very strong and highly engaging. Indeed, a story has a lifespan of 24 hours from the moment it's published, whereas a post is there to stay on the profile grid. So it's logical that a story is more captivating because it's ephemeral. The brain is much more likely to analyze it than a post, because it can't come back to it later.

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Video editing with Canva

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Why create Instagram stories?

Now that we know the influence of stories on our brains, how can you use them for your business? The goal is always to feed your social networks with relevant, authentic content. Obviously, the people who follow you do so for a good reason: you're giving them something unique. The point of communicating with animated stories is to extend that feeling. It's a great way to stay present on Instagram. 

How to use Instagram stories wisely?

Stories create a bond with your community. Spontaneity is a great way to share the day-to-day life of your company. However, you can also create a surprise with a pre-prepared animated story! The graphics allow you to unveil content that's out of the ordinary, such as the promotion of an event or a product.

Based on our experience, we've identified two uses for stories in animated graphics.

Maintain your presence in new ways

All the experts will tell you that regularity and relevance are the key to the vitality of an Instagram account. Quality content is a must. Motion design is used extensively by major brands, but medium-sized companies are still struggling to grasp the opportunity offered by motion design stories. A golden opportunity to stand out from the competition. 

A lively advertising campaign

Every company communicates with static graphics. It's a good vector for network communication. At least it used to be, since the advent of video. In fact, the static format, often loaded with information, has lost some of its superbness. If your audience doesn't want to read you, they'll skip your content. Welcome to the attention market! 

Here's an example of an Instagram campaign plan used by the most influential companies.

Your Instagram stories in motion design

First slide
Setting the scene

Second slide
The message

Third slide
Bringing precision

Would you like to offer your customers this service? Think partnership!

The Fresh Organic Motion studio also works in partnership with companies wishing to offer their services without having the skills in-house. Indeed, companies offering a wide range of web services need to offer stories to their customers. Obviously, having a partner you can rely on to deliver quality content is a must. Our added value lies in our ability to immerse ourselves in our customer's image. We bring our skills and advice to the table, and work to ensure that you get the best version of your communication.

Instagram stories offer unparalleled control.

In addition to the presence that stories offer on Instagram, you get control over the impact of the action. In fact, you can see in real time who is viewing your stories. A dream for those who like control. Ideal for checking whether your story is being watched! The more slides you have, the more you can see whether your content is engaging your community. While not an end in itself, this information allows you to adjust your content over time. You understand what attracts your audience and what doesn't. That's why you shouldn't count on a poker game on social networks, but rather on a gradual evolution.

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Personalized Instagram stories for you

Would you like animated Instagram stories to promote an event, service or product? We're here to meet your needs. We offer you a first video/meeting to discuss and understand your project. We look forward to working with you!

1 animated story

Give yourself a visibility boost with a 3-slide story. 

5 stories

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Support: One animated story per week for five weeks.

3 months

Support: one animated story per week for three months.

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