Advertising on social networks

Brands and companies are on social networks, and the main reason is to have a presence on the web. In this day and age, it's essential to show that your company is on the move. Having an up-to-date Facebook or Instagram account is a sign of good vitality and is reassuring for customers. That's why good advertising on social networks is so important,
It's a no-brainer!


Influencers and the race for likes

Feeding your networks and trying to get lots of reactions (likes or comments) are two different objectives. It can be tempting to want to "break through" on networks. Rather than seeking the approval of the majority, it's more relevant to seek the attention of your target audience. Your target is the person who wants to consume your products or services. In short, a good influencer for your brand is someone you know personally.


"Help me spread the word about the Dornelle concept."

Arnault, the creator of "Dornelle


Illustrate how the concept works

Thanks to the Dornelle soap handle, no more plastic bottles and dripping soap in the shower!



Animate its use graphically

Creation of a virtual character to act out the situation.



A short motion design in square format, perfectly suited to networks.


Arnault is delighted and just has to share the video on his networks!


The right content for the right person

Representing a particular place through drawing can give your communication project a real graphic identity. Graphic arts have the power to transport viewers elsewhere. Do you want to talk about a subject and set it in a specific scene? If so, illustrations are an excellent way to illustrate certain situations and get creative at the same time!

Woman looking at her smartphone

One format, thousands of messages to spread


Advertising on social networks with fresh, organic videos

For our customers, we create relevant videos with their images. Companies want to communicate the benefits of their products and services. Ultimately, the power of words and images counts and acts on the imagination. The same applies to advertising on social networks.

Instagram stories like you've never seen them before!

You need to be present on networks and maintain your reputation?
Having an up-to-date Facebook or Instagram (or Tiktok) account is a sign of good vitality and is reassuring for customers. Impress your customers with our animated stories, customized to your image!

Advertising on social networks now

Turn to image and animation professionals to create the right advertising for your company.

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