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Animated stories in motion design

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how to get a cartoon to talk about your company?

Motion design: a fascinating medium

Motion design animation can be used to create fantastic communication campaigns. It is defined by videos in animated graphics whose movement sets the rhythm. In other words, it's animation for professionals who want to communicate in a captivating and creative way.


Several animation formats in motion graphics

In recent years, motion graphics has become essential thanks to its many qualities. Indeed, it is a format that offers many possibilities thanks to the animations that compose it. These animations in animated graphics give dynamism and movement to fascinate the viewer. What's more, the playful side of motion design animation means you can tell all kinds of stories and illustrate any subject. Illustrations, text, effects, shapes and even characters create graphic videos that are trendy and pleasing to the eye. This not only enhances your image, but also your message.

Your Instagram stories: communicate in real time

Today, Instagram users consult stories as much as the app's news feed. The immediacy provided by stories is very strong and highly engaging. Motion design is widely used by major brands, but medium-sized companies are still struggling to grasp the opportunity offered by motion design stories. Visit a golden opportunity to stand out from the competition!

Try your hand at teaching with a one-minute motion design,
the perfect weather.

A one-minute motion design is ideal for presenting an event, a product, a concept or a service. It's an extensive yet concise communication format that takes the time to explain, while remaining dynamic. Your audience won't have time to get bored!


A cartoon for your company: create a strong bond with your customers

A cartoon tells a story visually and conveys a range of emotions. It's an excellent motion design format for companies wishing to communicate differently. An animated film uses identifiable and unique characters, embodied by actors. Integrated into a communication campaign, the cartoon creates a strong link between the brand and consumers.

what are the different motion graphics styles ?

2D graphics: personalized computer graphics

A creation in animated graphics can take many forms. 2D animation gives a soft, colorful and attractive visual rendering. It is a style that allows to give a friendly and creative side, and to popularize quickly some complex subjects with a lot of data. It is easy to create a graphic and imaginary universe that reflects the message and the company. 

3D graphics: audiovisual solutions for your visual communications

The 3D animation offers an impressive rendering. The modeling of elements and scenery in 3 dimensions allows to create immersive videos. The effects can give an artistic and cinematic edge to stunning visuals. 

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Motion design: a versatile medium

There is a motion graphics for every topic, every field and every company. Whether you are a small innovative brand, a SME, a public service, a community or an association, you can communicate with a video in animated graphics. The advantages of this communication format apply to every communication campaign.

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