How to make a beer logo?

Visuals are important in many fields. And the beer sector is no exception! Today, many craft breweries are flourishing, offering a wide range of beers for the enjoyment of beer lovers. The choice of beer logo and label design is therefore crucial, as it will have a major impact on the way the product is perceived. It's advisable to call on a professional for the creation of a visual identity, if you want to make a lasting impact in this competitive field.

The LumiDuss microbrewery identity created by Fresh Organic Motion studio. The creator was very fond of origami and animals, so these themes appear on the labels, creating a strong, recognizable personality.

How important is a successful beer logo?

The way a beer looks and feels is almost as important as the taste itself. Appreciation of a beer depends on many factors that come into play before tasting. The name, logo, colors, shape of the label, quality of the printing and shape of the bottle all play as much a part in the beer's success as the recipe. Like many products, beer and design are intimately linked.

So, in a market where craft beers are plentiful, it's essential to take care of the image that beer conveys. It's important to remember that beer is first tasted with the eyes, then poured into a glass.

The Herpibière microbrewery identity created by Fresh Organic Motion studio

How do you go about designing a beer's visual identity?

Visual creation is a meticulous, meticulous business. Our Fresh Organic Motion studio places great importance on each of our customized creations for our customers. This reflects our love of craftsmanship, as we create everything from A to Z to achieve unique results.

To create a beer logo, we take inspiration from the beer's style and name. We learn about the beer's history, so that we know every detail and can convey its character in the design.

A successful label is one that reflects the history of the brewery and its creators, as well as the style of the beer. A beer logo and its visual identity must speak to everyone, have its own personality and stand out from what already exists.

The brewery's origins lie in a village near a water tower. That's why it's at the heart of the label. The "hand-made" typography underlines the microbrewery's artisanal and experimental character.

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