How to use DALL-E, artificial intelligence for design?

DALL E (or dall-e-2) is one of the artificial intelligences that generates an image in response to keywords. It's an algorithm based on machine learning. Dall-E is developed by OpenAI. This new type of image generation tool is considered a technological revolution. From now on, digital creation is open to all, with only the imagination as the limit.

Concept art generated by our creative studio on Dall-E, an artificial intelligence
Image courtesy of Fresh Organic Motion.
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How does DALL-E work: artificial intelligence with keywords?

Dall-E is an artificial intelligence that works on the basis of keywords entered by the user. For example: "A designer house in the forest", DALLE will suggest 4 images. These are literally the thoughts of the AI (artificial intelligence).

Examples of designer homes generated by artificial intelligence Dalle

You can save the image and use it directly, or generate three new proposals from a previously generated image. It may take several generations before we get the right result. In fact, it's like a conversation: you write with words, the AI responds with images.

Dall-E is a tool for art. What are the possible uses of artificial intelligence?

Think of Dall-E by OpenAI as a laboratory for artistic experimentation: the images that emerge are the work of AI.

artificial intelligence for the fashion world

Designing new brand shoes, clothing and accessories is possible:

Examples of shoes, generated by Dalle an artificial intelligence
Images generated with Dall-E

artificial intelligence for stage design for theater sets

Find unique inspiration for a theater set or an exhibition:

Example of a theatrical set, generated by Dalle an artificial intelligence
Image generated with Dall-E

artificial intelligence for painting

Contemporary painters can paint without brushes, but not without talent. Defining in words a style and the elements that make up a canvas is not easy. Don't aim for too precise a result. Jot down a few vague keywords and let artificial intelligence take over. It's a good way to avoid the anguish of a blank sheet of paper.

artificial intelligence for advertising

Finding the right mood, prospecting trends for an advertising campaign.

Example of a photo shoot, generated by Dalle an artificial intelligence
Image generated with Dall-E

Professional creative services with Dall-E

Whether you're an artist, designer or entrepreneur, experimenting with Dall-E is like magic. A creative universe opens up to you. If this technology seems too obscure for you, we'd be delighted to accompany you on your adventure. Tell us what you're looking for using the form below.

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