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3D NFT Collection: What is it?

Having a 3D NFT collection means that the NFT image is in volume. The volume character is presented either as a still image, a video or as an interaction. In the first case, it's beautiful, but doesn't exploit all the possibilities offered by 3D. With an animated 3D video, you can create super-interesting staging effects. Interaction immerses viewers in a world where they control the viewing angle. Each solution offers different possibilities, depending on your brand image.

Example of a cute 3D NFT: Nyolings on Opensea

Why is it important to create a 3D NFT collection for your brand?

Creating a 3D NFT collection for your brand enhances brand image and offers a more upscale image than a 2D collection. Secondly, the volume of the NFT image creates a more tangible link with NFT collectors. What's more, the 3D rendering offers a qualitative experience for users, with a guaranteed "wow" effect. Finally, strengthen your brand's reputation in the NFT field. Stand out from the competition by offering something more original and innovative.

3D mascot several poses

How can a 3D NFT collection improve brand image?

A 3D NFT collection enhances brand image by providing an immersive experience for consumers. It strengthens consumer engagement with the brand and increases perceived brand value. The use of blockchain guarantees security and transparency for the purchase, sale and exchange of objects.

3D billboard nft Nike

How can a 3D NFT collection offer a quality experience for collectors?

3D NFTs are unique digital objects that can be used to enhance the brand experience for consumers. With animations, sound effects and interactions, 3D NFTs offer an immersive experience for collectors. Brands can use these objects for advertising campaigns, online events, games or virtual reality experiences. Finally, collectors can also use 3D NFTs to buy, sell and trade objects securely and transparently thanks to the blockchain. 3D NFTs are an innovative way for brands to stand out and for collectors to own unique, authentic objects.

3D Style

How do I create an NFT collection in 3D?

It's important to note that creating NFT in 3D requires skills in 3D modeling, animation and blockchain development. It is therefore important to work with experienced professionals in these fields to create a quality NFT collection.

How do you use storytelling to create a 3D NFT collection?

Storytelling is a key aspect of creating a 3D NFT collection. With stories and characters, NFT creators can bring virtual objects to life and make them more immersive for collectors. Stories are developed around NFT characters and objects, creating a fictional universe around the collection. Finally, NFT objects can also be used to tell interactive stories or provide access to exclusive events for collectors.

"Let's say an online service company wants to launch a 3D NFT collection to enhance its brand image. To do this, it can use storytelling by creating a series of virtual characters that represent the different services it offers."

Creation of NFT 3D by Studio Fresh Organic Motion.

The creation of an NFT collection in 3D volume.

As with any creative project, you have to start with a research phase. What will your collection look like? Will it be cute or scary? Once the character is well defined, the graphic design phase can begin.

Studio Fresh Organic Motion's research phase.

A Studio that creates NFTs.

We're brand builders and designers. What's more, we've been doing graphic design and communications long before blockchains made their appearance. So we can help your company create your NFT 3D collection and strengthen your digital brand image.

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