Creating gifs for Instagram: how to make the most of your brand image on social networks?

Gifs are present in all our favorite applications, helping us to communicate an emotion more explicitly or to make fun of a situation. This is a vast subject, but in this article we'll focus on creating gifs for Instagram stories.

Illustrating an Instagram story with gifstickers

What is a gif?

A gif is a small animation made up of a succession of looping images with no sound. So far, nothing new. But there are two kinds of gif: the meme and the other.
The former are based on a reference often taken from pop culture, a series, a blog, a film or TV culture.
The latter are the ones we'll be focusing on in this article!

How can gifs help you spread your brand image?

The best community managers swear by it; they know that punchy content and a well-placed gif can make all the difference in your stories. Your brand image is like a world unto itself, and if you publish gifs that are outside your graphic charter or aesthetic, then you risk being less recognizable. On the other hand, offering content exclusively in your own image, with your own colors, shapes and grammar, means you'll be recognizable to your target audience. Become your own influencer!

Gif Mitsubishi by Fresh Organic Motion
Gif for Mitsubishi for social networks created by Fresh Organic Motion

How do I create a gif for Instagram?

From an illustration, video or graphic, we can create a gif to enhance your stories. Once you've got your source material, you can animate it in a variety of ways. Either by animating it in the manner of a cartoon (a character or object), or by using a simpler technique of highlighting it with a looping movement such as a pop-up or swipe up. There are applications available to help with animation. Of course, it's a good idea to get in touch with an image professional, such as an animation studio with expertise in social networking. Ask for gifs in your own image to make your content even more entertaining and relevant.

Writing a script for motion design

See also illustration creation for an extraordinary graphic universe! 

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