Advertising on social networks with motion design

A social networking ad in motion design has an extraordinary power of attraction for any message. It's an excellent format, because it will attract attention, unlike a fixed visual. If properly integrated into a communication campaign, it can generate views and reactions, and thus contribute to the campaign's success.

Make your mark with social network advertising!

Short motion design is for small businesses and hard-working entrepreneurs. You want to offer your customers the best version of your products and services. In fact, we know how difficult it can be to stand out from larger companies with substantial communications budgets. So give yourself the boost your company deserves !

Animation for women leaving a social network ad

With us, it's square

For us, the square format is an obvious choice, as it's just as pleasant to look at on a computer as it is on a smartphone. Indeed, social networks have adopted square visuals in their publications. Your motion design will fit in perfectly with your audience's news feed!


A bouquet of flowers for your community

A motion design for social networks is an unusual format. It's an opportunity to show your audience how much they mean to you. Offer them a creative post for an important message, it's like a gift you're giving them.

flower bouquet emojis like

Reactions to your ad on social networks

Your page is a place of exchange where you stay in direct contact with your customers. When your motion design goes live, it will generate positive reactions!

A motion design social network ad is cut out for the click race. Indeed, it's the best way to get your message across, during a Facebook or Instagram advertising campaign for example. So open yourself up to new customers while staying true to yourself!


Do you want to communicate on social networks on a specific topic? We're here to make your project a reality and captivate your target audience!

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