When animation meets AI

Animation by artificial intelligence? It's possible! And no, it's not science fiction. 👽

The evolution of animation techniques

Animation techniques are constantly evolving. In recent years, numerous CGI films have hit the screens. Technologies for creating visual effects or realistic simulations have continued to perfect renderings for ever more impressive results.

Character created by Fresh Organic Motion studio
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How can artificial intelligence be used in 3D?

These developments open up almost infinite creative possibilities in every style of animation. When we think of advances in 3D animation, we inevitably think of short and feature-length films. However, the use of innovative concepts can also be applied to 2D animated graphics to achieve ever more advanced and surprising artistic achievements.
Technologies such as artificial intelligence and 3D can enhance certain graphic creations, like this lynx animated using EbSynth software, which transforms images into animations.

How to animate with Stable Diffusion?

New image generation techniques are a great way of multiplying possibilities. In fact, it's possible to change the graphic style of an existing image. Why not start from scratch? Because it's difficult to get certain designs right, so creating a design in advance allows you to maintain an artistic direction.

What is Image-to-image from Stable Diffusion?

Image-to-image, in the language of artificial intelligence, is a technique for transforming an existing image using a prompt. The term is used because we provide one image to obtain another. Here, for example, we've transformed our character into a robot using this technique.

What is GEN-1, generative AI for videos?

GEN-1 is an AI developed by Runway, and transfers a style onto an existing video. It's the evolution of image-to-image, because here we have an entire video. We can also speak of video-to-video, as you choose the style textually.

What is GEN-2, the AI that generates videos?

GEN-2 is the direct evolution of GEN-1, although it operates differently. GEN-2 is now capable of producing a video from scratch. Indeed, you can ask GEN-2 to produce an aerial video of a mountain, for example. It's a technical feat, the start of a digital revolution. For the moment, the results are sketchy and unmanageable. But the tour de force of this AI is enabling Runway to attract more funding. So, it's a story to follow.

What is Kaiber AI, the AI that transforms your videos with prompts?

Kaiber AI is a website that offers video editing services using AI. Currently, it's possible to edit an existing video using a text command called "prompts". The advantage of using this service for our studio is to multiply the possibilities of video rendering. For example, in the video below, the prompt is "Louis-Vuitton model on parade, in the style of Wes Anderson". We also provided a 3D video that was our model. Today, the limit of this technique is the stability of the renderings, as our character's face fluctuates too much to be used in a professional render.

Video generated with Kaiber.Ai based on one of our 3D creations. All rights reserved to Fresh Organic Motion.

Using AI in animation studios

There are so many tools using AI models that a global answer is not possible. However, at present, some tools are sophisticated enough to be used in a workflow for certain specific tasks. In general, the results of new tools are surprising, but not magical. It requires a great deal of calibration work and upstream reflection on how to design the drawings. All the same, it remains an impressive tool thanks to its ability to speed up the animation process! 🤖

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