A cartoon for my company: motion design?

A cartoon tells a story in a simple, visual way, thus conveying a range of emotions. It's a good medium for companies wishing to communicate differently. An animated film uses identifiable and unique characters. Just like any good communication tool, cartoons serve as a link between brand and consumer.

Why use cartoons to promote your business?

We use cartoons because they have an unrivalled appeal. Inspired by cinema or TV series, the shots have their own language. With graphic animation, we explore themes as diverse as they are varied. Here, there's no need for actors or cameras; creativity is limited only by the imagination.

How can you use cartoons to communicate on networks?

All communications experts agree: recurrence is the key to success on the networks. Posting every week or every day allows you to be present in the minds of your audience. Once you know that, it's time to come up with content worthy of interest. This is often where a company needs help, because it's not easy to share your philosophy or interests. 

Here's a case study that explains the benefits of animated communication.
We were approached by a company developing an app for the hotel industry to boost its content on social networks.
We offered our customer animated videos for online distribution. We offer both "story" and "square" formats, depending on requirements.
Cartoons depict rewarding situations in which service is at the forefront.

Writing a script for motion design

Animation: call on a studio or agency specializing in motion design

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