How much does motion design cost?

The entry fee for motion design is 1000€ EXCL. TAX. This one-off price includes the creation of graphics, animation and music. Motion design is a communication standard.

Simple motion design includes text, illustrations, logos, images and light animations.
This category includes motion design for service and application presentations, as well as motion design for artworks.
The entry price for a simple motion design is 1000 EXCLUDING VAT.

Complex motion design often includes 3D modeling, more animation and a voice-over.
This category includes motion design for product presentations and storytelling.
The price of admission for complex motion design is 2000 EXCLUDING VAT.

Premium motion design is a 3D video including complex animations such as a 3D avatar, or a unique augmented reality experience. These motion designs require advanced graphic research.
The cost of motion design generally ranges from 5K and 15K.

A discount can be applied if several motion designs are ordered at the same time.

Here's an example of complex motion design. Customer: EDF R&D.

How to get the best price on motion design?

To get the best motion design prices, contact small studios or freelancers. Communication agencies tend to charge exorbitant prices, taking advantage of their pseudo-renown. What's more, big agencies subcontract their productions to small studios or freelancers without adding any value. Contacting a motion design studio like Fresh Organic Motion gives you the opportunity to work directly with the creators. Since our studio produces the motion designs itself, there are no middlemen and therefore no hidden costs! 

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