3 graphic trends to watch in 2022

Every year, graphic trends evolve and adapt.
Influenced by many factors, they draw on the years gone by and integrate
to reinvent itself.
A look at three chart trends to watch in 2022!

The visual importance of typography

Typography is still a central element of visual communication.
It has the immense advantage of being malleable, so it can adapt to changing trends and eras.

For many years now, typography has been an important protagonist in graphic design. 2022 will be no exception, and the typographic style will be powerful and rich for ever more ingenious creations.

Photo Credit: HeinzGraphic Trends 2022 Fresh Organic Motion
A powerful yet simple campaign that underlines Heinz's iconicity in a rejuvenated way without overdoing it, on the occasion of the release of their first bolognese sauce. Photo Credit : Heinz

Typography is enough to stand out from the ever-increasing visual pollution.
A clean design and aesthetic approach are always excellent communication choices.
Typographic play must be well thought out to create visuals that are playful, legible and refreshing.

Photo credit: Jeune Chambre économique de NantesGraphic trends 2022 Fresh Organic Motion
Instead of advertising on city billboards, inspirational quotes and words are plastered on the streets of La Roche-sur-Yon and other towns in the Pays de la Loire region.
Photo credit: Jeune Chambre économique de Nantes

The revival of eco-responsibility

At a time when ecology is a major issue, we are seeing the emergence of communication campaigns focusing on eco-responsibility. Every brand wants to be "green".

But to counter the greenwashing and rhetoric, graphic design can play its part. Environmental standards are being added to the design process. Ecological symbols such as the color green and nature iconography are no longer enough to convince.

Today, it's time for a new visual language that takes a bold step away from clichés to invent a new, more impactful eco-responsible identity.

Photo credit: Pulp PantryGraphic trends 2022 Fresh Organic Motion
Photo credit: Pulp Pantry
Photo credit: Pulp PantryGraphic trends 2022 Fresh Organic Motion
Pulp Chips are the only grain-free vegetarian chips to give dough a second life. They have a packaging system unified around the brand's eco-consciousness. Photo credit: Pulp Pantry

The meaning of color in the graphic trends of 2022

Colors are always of paramount importance in the creation of a graphic design.
The resonance of many social struggles has given rise to a real craze for depicting the world's diversity. The choice of colors and the treatment of images in graphic designs give rise to more inclusive and inspiring creations.

Bright colors may well put the pastel hues in vogue in recent years out of fashion. Indeed, the visual appeal of digital media is increasingly important in attracting the viewer's attention. 

Photo Credit: SuperdrugGraphic trends 2022 Fresh Organic Motion
UK health retailer Superdrug launches awareness campaign Itty Titty, in the form of colorful, inclusive stickers to raise awareness of breast cancer. Photo Credit : Superdrug

Colors could also have an influence on minimalist design, which has been very much in vogue recently. The use of very few shades among white or black designs makes for a sophisticated and undeniably effective look.

While minimalist design traditionally favors black and white, today's graphic designers have the audacity to propose a certain revival by no longer ignoring color.

It would seem, then, that visual creations using bold, striking colors have every chance of finding their place in the graphic trends of 2022.

Photo credit: Design Happy UKGraphic trends 2022 Fresh Organic Motion
Norlo, an ethical and sustainable coffee brand with minimalist packaging in contrast to traditional brands, in pure Scandinavian style. The golden yellow creates a recognizable system. Photo credit: Design Happy UK

So, are you ready for the biggest graphic design trends of 2022?

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