What is NFT animation?

You've probably already heard of NFT, the three letters that have turned the art market upside down. The NFT concept, which stands for non-fungible-tokensis the creation of an authenticated token linked to a digital image (PNG, JPEG, GIF). This encryption is based on the same technologies as cryptocurrencies, the blockchain. This ensures that each NFT is traceable, making it unique.

NFT: 3D animated creation - Fresh Organic Motion

What does NFT have to do with motion design?

At Fresh Organic Motion, we don't specialize in NFT generation. Indeed, we won't encode your NFT ourselves on sites such as Rarible. Instead, we animate and provide a customized animated GIF. On NFT sales sites, images are animated using special effects. So, for your brand, we transform photos or illustrations into animated NFT. Finally, a way to make your image attractive on awnings! What's more, offering an existing image on blinds, but animating it specially for NFT, gives it added value.

NFT for the artist "Nouna" produced by Fresh Organic Motion

What does our studio offer for NFT animation?

All effects are permitted! The aim here is to hypnotize NFT collectors. After all, you're not the first to create NFTs, so you've got to pull out all the stops. For example, a spinning logo, a color-changing image, a wave effect. You can ask us what you want, or let us animate the motion design as we see fit.

Your NFT 3D animations in the metaverse - Fresh Organic Motion

Don't let the price scare you!

Would you like to have your image animated for your NFT? Contact us for a free personalized quote.

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