Are AIs stealing from creators and artists?

Since June 2022, graphic designers and artists have been increasingly asking themselves the question: should I use AI in my creative process? With the arrival of Midjourney version 3, this question takes on even greater importance. Indeed, the technological boom of recent months has been impressive.

Image obtained on Midjourney by Fresh Organic Motion studio

How does AI benefit designer innovation?

There's no denying that AI technologies offer incredible possibilities for designers. With tools for automatically generating content, such as images, videos and animations. Now artists and designers can broaden their creative horizons and experiment with new ideas. What's more, AI tools save time and increase efficiency in the creative process. Midjourney in particular, offers a level of control over the images created that is rarely seen in similar AI tools. It enables users to create incredibly realistic images and customize them to suit their needs.

Dall-E 2 image by Fresh Organic Motion studio

What is designer FOMO?

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a phenomenon linked to social anxiety. It occurs when people are afraid of missing out on something that could benefit them. When it comes to new technologies brought about by AI: FOMO can manifest itself as pressure to adopt these technologies immediately. In a way, a fear of not being at the cutting edge of creation or of missing out on professional opportunities.

Image obtained on Midjourney by Fresh Organic Motion studio

How are new developments in AI impacting the creative world?

For designers, every new technology represents an upheaval, however small, and therefore an obligation to understand the technology and its consequences so as not to be left behind. The fact is, we have to have an opinion on everything. Because creation is all about choice. We have an arsenal of incredible digital techniques at our disposal, and they're growing every week. Not using this or that technology when it exists is either a conscious choice (opposition) or ignorance.

How do designers deal with artificial intelligence?

The creative profession is increasingly becoming that of a technology savant, and no one can escape this reality. However, it's important to ask which technologies we should dedicate our time to, and for what purpose? Purpose and technology merge as the latter creates renderings then unseen. As is the case, for example, with Midjourney. Designers therefore need to keep abreast of new technologies to make the best choices for their creations. Nevertheless, they must remain aware of the consequences of these choices.

How does AI affect designers' choices?

Time is limited, and that means designers can't know or learn everything. That's why they have to keep a constant watch on the technologies to which they devote their time. So, with new technologies arriving every week, it's hard for designers to know what to choose and how to go about it. This causes confusion and uncertainty. Because artists think about what they could offer, rather than what's important for their own development as a creator.

How is AI changing designers' relationship to time?

All this can also lead to a feeling of racing against time to be at the cutting edge of technology. Designers chase technology rather than focusing on their own creativity and vision. This can lead to a loss of focus and energy, instead of concentrating on what's important for their development as artists and creators.

Who are the Anti AI creators?

For some creators, the use of these technologies can cause reluctance. These creators fear that AI technologies will replace their work or steal their creations. So it's important to understand that for them, their work is more than just a means of earning a living, it's a means of expressing their vision, creativity and individuality. The idea that their work could be replaced by a machine can cause fear and anxiety. Equally, it's important to note that for some designers, the use of AI technologies can also cause confusion and uncertainty. With new technologies and possibilities constantly emerging, it can be difficult to know what to choose and how to go about it.

Anti AI generated with the Stable Diffusion tool by Fresh Organic Motion

What is Artstation and the artists' revolt?

Artstation is an online platform for visual artists to showcase their work. In December 2022, Artstation artists protested against the use of AI to create images on the platform. They demanded that these images be removed and argued that this dilutes their own work and threatens their profession. The artists demanded that Artstation limit the use of AI to protect their work.

Are you anti-IA, enthusiastic about AI or just a spectator?

These technologies are so new that it's hard to form an opinion. Nevertheless, research and testing can help to lift the veil on certain AI fantasies. The truth is, getting a good image is easy, but getting an image that meets our criteria is complex. Our studio advises everyone to test and make up their own minds. We also understand some people's discontent and the questions it raises. Our thinking on the subject is not definitive, and you can move from one camp to another as new information comes to light. 

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