How much does it cost to create an NFT?

The entry fee for creating an NFT is 150 EXCLUDING VAT. This one-off price includes the creation of the metadata, the IPFS deposit, the drafting of the smart contract and the sale. The NFT is the image of a work of which you are the author.

A simple NFT includes its Opensea smart contract, image and marketing.
This category includes NFTs consisting of a simple image in a format suitable for the web.
The entry price for a single NFT is 150 EXCLUDING VAT.

A complex NFT often includes animations, its personalized smart contract and its listing for sale. The NFT is listed on a platform such as Opensea, Rarible or SuperRare.
This category includes artistic NFTs for animation.
The entry price for a complex NFT is 500 EXCLUDING VAT.

An NFT premium collection is a series made up of several complex NFTs. The smart contract is optimized to host a series. It includes a customized NFT mint site. It's a turnkey solution for offering premium NFTs for sale.
The price of an NFT collection generally ranges from 2K and 8K.

A discount can be applied if several NFTs are ordered at the same time.

NFT for sale on Opensea
NFT for sale on Opensea.

How to get an NFT at the best price?

The best way to get a low-cost NFT is to deploy a smart contract for a collection. This way, the NFT mint is cheaper per unit. Volume is the most profitable solution, which is why successful projects are collections. 

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100 – 1 000 – 5 000 – 10 000
Ethereum, Solana or other.
opensea.io, blur.io, rarible.com or other.

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