Putting artificial intelligence to work for art and creativity

AI is a technology consisting of an artificial neural network fed with thousands of images in order to train it to produce its own visions. deep learning. We interrogate it with keywords to find out what it has in mind. The intelligence then produces a precise image.

An artist back to life?

In 2022, the results of art generated by artificial intelligence are astonishing.
To start a little game, here's a painting. Who painted it: Picasso, Braque? 

The Fresh Organic Motion studio has generated a cubist-style image using artificial intelligence (Stable diffusion XL local).

This is not a painting by Picasso, or even a disciple of Picasso, but a work generated from scratch by an algorithm, an AI.

Artistic renewal thanks to AI technology

In this article, we're going to look at the possible uses of this tool, because that's what it's all about. For an artist, it's a new source of inspiration. In fact, it brings a breath of fresh air and interpretation. AI literally blows us away, because only our eyes are capable of giving meaning to an image emerging from the neural network of this innovative technology.

AI-generated artistic style

History of art exhibitions made possible by artificial intelligence

Artists have already seized on the technology to produce and exhibit in the most prestigious galleries and museums. Research is advancing and producing ever more impressive results, forcing us to keep abreast of the latest developments.

  • 2018: Grand Palais, Paris - "Artists and Robots" is a journey of interactive works that questions the place of the machine in contemporary creation. 
  • 2021 : BOZAR Belgique - Artificial Intelligence and Luc Tuymans: Does AI look at painting in the same way as man?
  • 2020 : Center Pompidou - "Neurones, les intelligences simulées" is a critical look at intelligence simulation technologies.
  • 2020 : The New Museum in New York with a monograph by Ed Atkins 
  • 2020 : The Barbican Center with "A.I.: More Than Human

A digital artist's studio that uses artificial intelligence for composing

We master AI for image and video. Would you like to go further in creating your art? Let's take a concrete example of what's possible for digital painting.

Concept art generated by our creative studio on Midjourney an artificial intelligence
AI-generated Desert / Dune atmospheres by Fresh Organic Motion studio

AI is a formidable tool for concept art, enabling innovative shapes and compositions to be generated simply and quickly. Used by a discerning eye, artificial intelligence serves art and its creators.

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